OCI Powers and Responsibilities

OCI performs a variety of tasks to protect insurance consumers and ensure a competitive insurance environment. OCI's major functions include:

  • Reviewing insurance policies that are sold in Wisconsin to make sure they meet the requirements set forth in Wisconsin law;
  • Conducting examinations of domestic and foreign insurers to ensure compliance with Wisconsin laws and rules;
  • Monitoring the financial solvency of licensed companies to make sure that consumers have the insurance coverage they expect when they need it;
  • Issuing licenses to the various parties involved in selling and marketing insurance products;
  • Assisting insurance consumers with their insurance problems;
  • Researching special insurance issues to understand and assess their impact on Wisconsin;
  • Providing technical assistance on legislation and promulgating administrative rules to interpret insurance laws;
  • Creating and distributing public information and consumer education pieces to educate people about insurance; and
  • Operating a state life insurance fund, a property fund for the property owned by local units of government, and a patients compensation fund insuring health care providers for medical malpractice.