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Schedule for Proceedings on Confirmation
of Plan of Rehabilitation

Hearing Schedule:

Relevant Pre-Hearing Deadlines:

  • October 21 – date by which the Rehabilitator will file its brief in support of confirmation and a list of witnesses (with a brief outline of expected subject matter), likely order of witnesses, and proposed form of Order granting confirmation.
  • November 8 – deadline for submission of written objections to confirmation, list of witnesses with subject matter and expected order of appearance, and any written fact questions an objector would like to call to the Rehabilitator’s attention in advance.
  • November 12 – deadline for submission of written replies to objections, if any.

The Rehabilitator will not object to any party-in-interest or holder of any Claim raising any objection at the confirmation hearing (including oral objections), regardless of whether the objection was filed by the November 8, 2010 deadline set by the Scheduling Order.

Questions regarding this schedule can be directed to the Policyholder Information Line at 1-877-301-2046 in the U.S. and 1-212-660-6373 for international calls.

Scheduling Order Regarding Rehabilitator's Motion for Confirmation of Plan of Rehabilitation